Rocktest Consulting

Design and assessment of surface and underground excavations in rock.

Who Are We?

Designing in rock is different to designing with man-made materials; the characteristics of rock:

  • vary over a site;
  • change with time;
  • are generally different in different directions;
  • depend on the volume of rock being influenced by the excavation;
  • depend on the size of the stresses acting on rock.

Designing in rock requires Engineers who understand these challenges. Rocktest is an engineering consultancy specialising in the design and assessment of excavations in rock.

Since its formation in 1997 by Dr Tony Meyers, it has completed over 300 projects for major mining and civil companies. All staff working for Rocktest have one thing in common; a love of working with rock and a drive to understand as much as possible about its characteristics and behaviour.

Rocktest is based in Adelaide, Australia, however our projects take us everywhere. Being small, we are able to work closely with our clients at short notice to provide them with the quality service they require when they require it.

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